Monday, December 15, 2008

best bests of 200Great

2009 is galloping towards us like that scene that's towards the end of The Two Towers where Gandolf and all the riders of Rohan are spilling over the crest of the mountain and slamming into the Orc army. Its a pretty amazing scene if you like dorky stuff like Trolls, Magicians, and fully loaded horse warriors wielding insane battle axes and blazing swords, and thats what 2009 is coming at us like, which is pretty radical. 

That being said, if you're a music dork, or music snob, or totally bored, this is about the time that you start thinking about your besties list of albums and singles that made getting ready for the drab dankness of downtown a tad more enjoyable. At the Learning Secrets offices Jeramy and I are throwing together our lists, and a special podcast as well, but first I just want to give you guys a little taste. Here, above, I post the totally fantastic video for Metronomy's " A Thing For Me," one of my favorite songs from an album that made me totally wet most of the year. 


Molly said...

ding dang dong!

frances said...

that video is amazing!

Megalithic Rick said...

Cool vid