Tuesday, November 18, 2008


adventure into the wilds of disorganization


Would you guys agree that living by that old adage "quality over quantity" is a rather fit way to live? So would we, and that's how we approach all things Learning Secrets. Why inundate you with boring meaningless posts everyday which are littered with stale music, or uninspired quips? Which is the reason why today is a big day. Not only are we actually updating our blog, but we're also putting out the 5th podcast today! YAY!

We missed the last two months, but thats due mostly to that fact that we've been on a spirit quest, and our spirit animal was a tortoise and he moved super super super super slow. We were also super busy working with Fun Fun Fun Fest, but more on that in another post. 

As always, this month's podcast displays what's been bumping on our speakers as we work our little fingers to the bone, and its stuff that we've been really excited about the past two months.
Some of the tracks are things that we've been playing out, some are songs we play air guitar to.

So, if you're at work at the lab, stocking the back room at American Apparel, planning your 'Givens day road trip music, playing bones in your back yard with your "posse," or you just bought one of those cool shower adapters for your ipod, put us on, share us with your friends, 
and we'll see you soon.

click to listen, download to enjoy.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

cloudplums of marshed mellowness


One of my best buddies in the whole world, and one of the most inspirational dudes I know, is my main man, Prince Klassen. When he's behind the decks I just stand there in awe. The dude's DJ style is like watching butter melt in a heated skillet. Actually, homeboy's entire style is like butter, sweet sweet melting butter. 

He's been djing forever, we all know that, but he's had an amazing year this past year, and the rest of the country is starting to see just how crispy fresh big PK is, and I cant wait to see where he ends up. 

Yesterday he sent me a link to his new mix, and it's a beautiful compilation of tracks that make him feel all fall-like deep inside his plaid button down. He made the mix for a new blog that he is a contributor to called cloudplum which is becoming a new favorite blog of mine. 

Curated by Elaine Lee, cloudplum focuses heavily on design with little hints of music, and food wafting in and out.  Lee just made the move up to NYC, so if you live up there, keep your eye out for her. 

Peep the mix, its a great listen while you work sort of thing.
Click to listen, Download to enjoy!

Shuta Hasunuma - Return of the Bamboo
Harmonia - Ahoi!
Chessie - Take The Lark
Koushik - Welcome
Mos Def - May-December
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Apple Juice Break
Stereolab - Self Portrait with Electric Brain
Neu! - Isi
Yo La Tengo - Our Way to Fall
Beach House - Gila
Hauschka - Kotoba Naku
Feist - The Water
Arthur Russell - Losing my Taste for the Night Life

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the only thing you need to do today...


Please choose wisely. 

Monday, November 03, 2008

turning blue and red states brown


So, raise your hand if you're nervous as hell about tomorrow. Its a big one, (duh!) so you need to seriously go VOTE if you haven't yet. Wait, I mean, you have to go vote for Obama tomorrow seriously. 

But enough of that, right now we need to discuss tonight's amazing party at La Zona Rosa, and it'll give me a few seconds to gush about one of the bands that we love and are proud to say we work with. 

First, the party...
The Travis County Democratic Party has put together an outstanding line up tonight. Brownout, James McMurtry, and Sharon Jones and Dap Kings!
They just moved the party to La Zona Rosa, which should be good.
Doors at 7, if you're VIP come at 5:30.

Second, Brownout...
There are very few things that are actually cool. Not like trendy dance music cool, not like the newest limited Vans New Era cool, not like 7th and Red River cool, not like being 17 and getting into the Beauty Bar cool, and not fixed gear cool. I'm talking about Miles Davis cool, Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless cool, double necked electric guitar cool, Cliff Burton cool. 
Brownout is straight up on that tip, actually, anything Adrian Quesada (check his other projects Grupo Fantasma & Ocote Soul Sounds) touches is on that tip. 
They put out their latest full length, Homenaje, earlier this year, and it is outstanding. Front to back face melting latin funk. Heavy horns, deep grooves, crunchy Rhodes.  Definitely on the Top 10 of 2008. 
Here's one of my favorite tracks from the album, Laredo 77, god that horn line...
Click to download, Listen to enjoy, and as always Support the artists and go buy the record! It's on vinyl ya'll...

>BROWNOUT - Laredo 77