Monday, December 29, 2008

undersexed discoteque


I do not want to hear it. I know, we're absolutely god awful at keeping this blog up to date. However, like I've said before, its all about making sure our updates and posts are choice. I mean, would you rather have something bland and average every other day, or something totally mind blowing two to three times a month? Seriously, if it's everyday you want, let us know and we'll bore the crap out of you, that wont be hard for us. If, on the other hand you're content with letting us bust our asses to bring you posts that are new and different, then we'll just keep on keeping on.

That air being cleared, lets move forward with the issue at hand. We have here a hot off the presses new mix I've made. I know I know, two in one year, it's amazing. But, did you guys know that if you actually practice at stuff, you can actually get good at said stuff that you're practicing? Its fucking unbelievable, and fun.

So, here is something I've thrown together to give ya'll a taste of non disco stuff that is making me wet at the moment. Yeah, imagine that, its not disco, well, there is one track on there towards the end, but for the most part the tracks are done either by germans, english lads, or some swedish dudes. We start out sweet, then slowly dirty ourselves up a bit while still keeping the poppy undertones, around the halfway mark we get a little minimal, dark, and drugged out, which leads us to a brief period of blissed out emptiness around the 30 minute mark, but we come smashing back with an old dark jacking house favorite of mine, then comes that disco track i was talking about, as we begin to slow things back down, and, inevitably end up with a nice edit from an 80's icon.


minotaur shock - this plane is going to fall
paul kalkbrenner - square 1
lulu rouge - bless you ( pilooski remix)
jackpot - move in the light
tough alliance - a new chance ( mongolian jet set remix)
sideshow - if alone ( chateau flight dub )
photonz - trembler (discodeine mix)
DAF - oversexed discotheque
loud e - robolove
grace jones - williams blood ( aeroplane remix)
phil colins - i'm not moving ( vitesse nayward re-edit)

Jeramy and I have had such an amazing year, we're super excited to start working with our two new clients; UME and Vega. I'll be making a post about them soon. And of course, we're busy getting things ready for our 5 YR Anniversary Party....Saturday, January 31st, with two special DJ Sets by HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR and LCD Soundsystems PAT MAHONEY. Its gonna FREE to get in so make sure to rsvp HERE.

Here's the mix, click to listen, download to enjoy.


Monday, December 15, 2008

best bests of 200Great

2009 is galloping towards us like that scene that's towards the end of The Two Towers where Gandolf and all the riders of Rohan are spilling over the crest of the mountain and slamming into the Orc army. Its a pretty amazing scene if you like dorky stuff like Trolls, Magicians, and fully loaded horse warriors wielding insane battle axes and blazing swords, and thats what 2009 is coming at us like, which is pretty radical. 

That being said, if you're a music dork, or music snob, or totally bored, this is about the time that you start thinking about your besties list of albums and singles that made getting ready for the drab dankness of downtown a tad more enjoyable. At the Learning Secrets offices Jeramy and I are throwing together our lists, and a special podcast as well, but first I just want to give you guys a little taste. Here, above, I post the totally fantastic video for Metronomy's " A Thing For Me," one of my favorite songs from an album that made me totally wet most of the year. 

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a quick note


Thursday, December 04, 2008

el grammy fantastica!


I think that we're all in agreement when I say, that though life can at times be a motherfuck of a titty-twister, when it (meaning life) is shiny and golden, it truly can make you feel like a golden god. 

Yesterday was a day like that for Jeramy and I. Not only have we now registered Learning Secrets as a legit company, something which has been a year in the making, we also got word that one of our most beloved clients...the unstoppable Grupo Fantasma, has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Rock / Latin Alternative album for Sonidos Gold!!!!! 

We are, needless to say, overly stoked for them. They've had quite a year, from playing with Prince at Coachella, to hitting the Festival circuit hard this summer, to ripping up Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, to their massive New Years Eve party they're throwing at the Parish. We feel totally humbled to have been there along the way, and Jeramy worked his little apple bottom off, so i'm equally as proud of him too. 

Here's one of my favorite tracks from Sonidos Gold. Its a total stomper feat. the one and only Maceo Parker. Hovering somewhere between War's "Low Rider" and an early Santana slow burner, but with the class, taste, and creative spins that Grupo does so well. From their use of reverb on the snare during the drum solo, to the way the horns were recorded, to the vocal chant, to the hand claps, to of course Parker's solo, this track is the perfect example of how Grupo takes the traditional elements of Latin music and transforms them to a sound that travels through genres , picking up a fan base that includes moms & pops, deep soul music fanatics, Latin music pure-ists, and those of us who wear our jeans a bit snug around the old chestnuts. 

If you've missed them, now is the time to check 'em.
Click listen, Download to enjoy, and as always support the artist by buying their music.