Tuesday, November 18, 2008


adventure into the wilds of disorganization


Would you guys agree that living by that old adage "quality over quantity" is a rather fit way to live? So would we, and that's how we approach all things Learning Secrets. Why inundate you with boring meaningless posts everyday which are littered with stale music, or uninspired quips? Which is the reason why today is a big day. Not only are we actually updating our blog, but we're also putting out the 5th podcast today! YAY!

We missed the last two months, but thats due mostly to that fact that we've been on a spirit quest, and our spirit animal was a tortoise and he moved super super super super slow. We were also super busy working with Fun Fun Fun Fest, but more on that in another post. 

As always, this month's podcast displays what's been bumping on our speakers as we work our little fingers to the bone, and its stuff that we've been really excited about the past two months.
Some of the tracks are things that we've been playing out, some are songs we play air guitar to.

So, if you're at work at the lab, stocking the back room at American Apparel, planning your 'Givens day road trip music, playing bones in your back yard with your "posse," or you just bought one of those cool shower adapters for your ipod, put us on, share us with your friends, 
and we'll see you soon.

click to listen, download to enjoy.



Reynard said...

that tracklisting graphic is sick.

but why no C&C love?

I'll show you mine if you show me yrs.

ian orth said...

oops....sawry. fixed and fixed